The Future is Now- Rewiring the Workplace

The theme of the Conclave this year was: The Future is Now- Rewiring the Workplace”.

KIIT deemed to be University, an Institution of Eminence (IoE) has been one of the few Institutions in the country that had started rewiring as soon as the Future suddenly exploded on the face of the Present, early in March 2020. Many corporate organizations have responded fast in rewiring their workplaces promptly. But the success stories need to be shared to help rewire the rest of the community of Organizations, Institutions, and People. That is what precisely, the Mega HR Conclave intends to achieve. Eminent thought leaders share their ideas and success stories at the Conclave through the three distinct platforms – the Plenary, the Panel, and the Workshop sessions and to directly impact the minds of over thirty thousand people. The ripple effect is likely to impact millions of minds and help the people who are struggling to find a way forward.

The language of the webinars, e-conferences, publications and discourses that have been going on since March 2020, sounds more like reading the curve of the futurologist or the prediction of the astrologers, rather than focusing on how to deal with the Present, which looks completely disoriented and is a far bigger challenge than fending against a scenario that is impossible to connect with unless we deal with the Present.

There is an urgent necessity to rewire the workplace and the people before everything gets out of control. The first need is to infuse confidence in people about their positive capabilities to deal with the present and filter out the accusations of lacking skills to survive. The negative inertia must be broken fast. We need to stop worrying and get going. Fortunately, there are many success stories floating on top of the flood waters of negativity. If we carefully observe the messages from the pulpit of a COVID-19 free country like New Zealand and the worst hit country United States of America, one can note a striking similarity in tone of the messages despite the situation on the ground. They are mostly talking positively about the Strengths, their quick response Capabilities, and their success stories in multiple sectors and downplaying the impact of COVID-19, as if they have defeated the Virus before the battle started; they are on top and they will remain on top no matter how cunning is their Enemy. The pulpit managers are continuously rewiring their entire Nation.

The firm level response in those developed countries, also indicate a similar message. Despite the trillions of dollars that has been lost, they give the firm impression of being in charge and being in control. At an individual level, the impact of the rewiring is palpable. Despite the negative statistics being read out by the media reports, there is no panic of the kind we see in countries where the rewiring process is still not fixed. In India, fortunately, in spite of being the World’s second most populous country and still in the “Developing Nation” category as an Economy, the message from the pulpit has been largely positive but the size of the population and diversity of many forms, have had a mixed impact in rewiring the nation.