The Re-skilling Revolution: The Vector of Transformation

The theme of the Conclave this year was: The Re-skilling Revolution: The Vector of Transformation ”.

The HR Konclave is an annual convention, organized by KIIT School of Management (KSOM) and attended by industry leaders from the HR world as well as academicians from prestigious institutes.

The 13th National HR Konclave will be held on the theme “The Re-skilling Revolution: The Vector of Transformation”. The Konclave will have a keynote session and two panel discussions in the first half. The first panel discussion will focus on “Reinventing HR Processes for Accelerating Change in the Post-Covid Era” – The accelerating pace of technological change is widening skill gaps, making it mandatory to adapt and learn skills quickly. To survive and deliver on these strategic objectives, all organizations will need to reskill and upskill most of their workforce over the coming years. The second panel discussion will focus on “The Rise of Augmented Intelligence and Hybrid Workplace” – Businesses have an insatiable appetite for augmented technologies. The ‘new normal’ is defined by an environment of hybrid working. Machine Learning and Human Learning will have to go together for hybrid working in the ‘new normal’. Therefore, AI & Machine Learning have to co-exist.

The panel discussions shall be followed by innovative group coaching sessions termed ‘Synergistics’ with students. These will include 10 parallel interactive workshops, which shall provide an excellent forum for industry stalwarts to engage in insightful and one-on-one discussions with a group of selected and interested students on one of the topics for the workshop. Synergistics believes that such discussions will present varied perspectives and ideation on subthemes which are highlighted below:

  • Future of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Building Resilience: For HR and for Organization
  • Harnessing Emotions in the Post Pandemic Workplace
  • Retaining “Human” in the Human Resource in the Explosive Era of AI and ML
  • What Machines cannot Learn; Humans Can
  • Designing the Hybrid Workplace – Challenges in Time & Space Management
  • Future Proofing Livelihoods – Jobs will always Rise
  • Reinventing Talent Acquisition for the Hybrid Workplace
  • Green HR Interventions for Sustainable Development
  • Leading through Crisis with Resilience – from Survival to Prosperity