The Mega Online HR Conclave offers the following attractive pre-conclave student competitions:

School of Electronics Engineering

Online Quiz


Ignite the Mind

The quiz will contain 3 sections:

    • Technical Questions
    • Tech Current Affairs
    • HR Questions

The duration of the quiz will be of 50 min.

There will be 60-65 questions

  • Technical – 35 ques.
  • Tech Current Affairs – 10/15 ques.
  • HR – 15 ques.

Marking Scheme:

  • +4 for all correct answers and -1 for all wrong answers
  • In multi-correct answer questions +1 for each correct option and +4 if all the correct options are marked
  • A minimum of 30% marks is required in each section except for Tech current affairs to be eligible for the rank.

Ranking Scheme:

  • Priority will be given to the total marks
  • If we got a tie in total marks, second priority will be given to the Time taken to complete the quiz
  • If still got a tie, then the winner will be decided on the marks obtained in each section respectively according to the priority of the section as follows:
  1. Technical
  2. HR
  3. Tech Current Affairs

All the participants will be awarded with PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE

Prize Details

  • 1st Place – Rs 15,000/-
  • 2nd Place – Rs 10,000/-
  • 3rd Place – Rs 8,000/-

Last Day of Registration 21th August, 2020.

Quiz Date & Time: 23rd August 2020, Time: 11:00 – 12:00 AM.