Infra Kuiz Quest for Infraholick

Infra Kuiz – Quest for Infraholick
Date: 23.08.2020
Time: 12.00-01.00 pm

 About the Event

  1. The quiz will contain 4 sections:
    1. Aptitude Questions
    2. English Questions
    3. Technical Questions
    4. HR Questions
  1. The duration of the quiz will be of 60 min.
  2. There will be 60-90 questions
  • Aptitude – 25
  • English – 10
  • Technical – 50
  • HR – 15
  1. Marking Scheme:
  • +4 for all correct answers and -1 for all wrong answers
  • In multi-correct answer questions +1 for each correct option and +4 if all the correct options are marked
  • A minimum of 30% marks is required in each section.
  1. Ranking Scheme:
  • Priority will be given to the total marks
  • If we got a tie in total marks, second priority will be given to the Time taken to complete the quiz
  • If still got a tie, then the winner will be decided on the marks obtained in each section respectively according to the priority of the section as follows:





Prize Details

  • 1st Place – Rs 15000/-
  • 2nd Place -Rs 10000/-
  • 3rd Place – Rs 6000/-
  • Consolation Prize (5) – Rs. 1000/- each


Eligibility – Undergraduate/Postgraduate students
Registration Link –
Last Day of Registration – 21st August 2020
Date & Time: 23rd August 2020, Time: 12.00-01.00 PM

 Contact Details:

Faculty Coordinators

Student Coordinators

Infra Design–Quest for Design

Date: 22.08.2020 | Time: 03.00-06.00 pm
Eligibility : Undergraduate/Postgraduate students
Question:Planning and designing of a Building using AutoCA
Duration:- 3 Hours

About the event: 

  • A problem statement will be given in the student’s email ID just before commencement of event.
  • He/She will have to plan and design a building as per the problem statement and use AutoCAD software to draw  the plan and elevation within a duration of 3 hours. Students should save and submit their work at 2007 version of Auto CAD.  Students should also convert their work to pdf format and send both Auto CAD and Pdf format copy.
  • Participant should send the work on or before 6.10 PM. Late submission will lead to rejection.
  • Paricipant has to send their work to assign email id for evaluation.
  • Evaluation will be done as per their marking scheme.

Marking Scheme:

  • For Plan – 40 Marks
  • Showing wall lines, column positions, Doors, windows and Ventilators, Labeling, Dimensioning, Plinth lining, Door- windows Chaukath fixing, Movement line on Statir case…
    • For Elevation – 50 Marks

– Includes: Front, Left and Right elevation ( labeling, dimensioning)

  • For Texturing, Hatching, Levelling, dimensioning and other details – 10 Marks

Mention the following details : as a Note on the Autocad sheet:

– Dimension of Walls
– Size of Doors and windows.
– Plinth area of the building and Plinth Line
– Size and Position of Column
– Room name and size
– Floor Height
– Staircase details
– Details of any other element if done.

Prize Details –

  • 1st Place – Rs 10000/-
  • 2nd Place -Rs 6000/-

Last Day of Registration – 21st August 2020
Registration Link –

Date & Time: 22rd August 2020, Time: 03.00-06.00 PM

 Contact Details:

Faculty Coordinator:

Prof. Brundaban Beriha (Email: [email protected], Mb: 88955 22098)
Prof. Mohibullah (Email: [email protected], Mb: 9937937430)
Prof. Ipsita Mohanty(Email:  [email protected], Mb: 7873408039)

Student Coordinators –

  • Alisha Payoshine – 7809478661
  • Apurba Panigrahi – 7205278136